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iBeams 3.2 submitted to the app store

Whats new:

  • A number of new preset girders, including a distortion object demo and an  audio waveform
  • Increased resolution of distortion grid, makes all the distortion effects look smoother. Surprisingly enough this didn’t seem to cause a frame rate hit. I guess I’m fill rate limited
  • 2 new distortion types: wave and drag
  • Distortion intensities and sizes can now be connected to a controller, (you can make them pulse to the music too.)
  • Background colors can now be animated, see microphone-color options page.
  • all the parameters on etc page can be animated, which is how I made the audio wave form.
  • added some ui animation effects other polish.
  • fixed sound engine bug on ipod touches.

now if only I could figure out how to get noticed by a big review site.


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