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The Next Version of iBeams and Render-to-Texture

One of the glitches that I had hit while developing iBeams was an odd visual humming when turning motion blur all away up. I’ve attempted to fix this by rendering into an off-screen frame buffer and discovered some nice side benefits:

Video:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/56692683@N00/3384301461/

I’ve seen a couple of discussions on the web suggesting that the iPhone didn’t support Frame buffer objects, they definitely work although I didn’t have much luck getting them to render into a buffer that was bigger then the screen resolution (320 x 480).

By ping-ponging between two FBO’s I was able to create a feedback loop much like you’d get by pointing a video camera at a monitor showing the video camera’s view, or a hall of mirrors. With a couple of parameter tweaks, iBeams now emulates a dynamic Spirograph stretching off into infinity.  I’m hoping to get the changes submitted to the store in the next couple of days.


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