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Gravilocity Now Available on iTunes

I’ve got my first totally non-iBeams app out:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gravilocity/id380854648?mt=8

Taking all the crazy tech I built for iBeams and I’ve leveraged it into a pretty cool particle play app. 4000 stars appear in various shapes,  touches can blow apart and restore patterns and I’ve seen a bunch of really gorgeous creations. Initially I was a bit worried about just spitting out another spawn/gravilux/gravitarium clone. But I think it’s got a lot of interesting functionality that they don’t.

Here’s an end users opinion:

I downloaded your Gravilocity iPad app. I love it. I have no need for a therapist now. Stressed? I just open up your app. *smile* The app is wonderful. I’ve had a chance to play with all the settings. Well done.


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